Crossfit Success Stories

Here’s what our athletes say:

Crossfit Success Stories

Here’s what our athletes say:

Eliza C. from Cleveland Ohio.

I’ve been a runner for more than two decades. My Crossfit story isn’t about becoming more active or living a healthier lifestyle; it’s about tapping into true functional fitness and finding a fantastic group of people to sweat, toil and grow with. Since beginning my Crossfit journey at Great Lakes in 2014, I’ve received a level of personal support and guidance from the coaches that I’ve never experienced anywhere else, and my experience has been nothing short of transformational: I have muscles. And they’re awesome. I wish I could walk around in my underwear all day every day. The running-related injuries I was prone to just a couple of years ago? Gone. In fact, I’ve tossed the junk miles and run less, but my racing times have only improved. As for community, you couldn’t ask for a better bunch of [moms, students, lawyers, nurses, writers, small business owners] to team up with in the name of (dare I say) fun (YES!) and fitness, grit and resolve, tenacity and teamwork. It’s true what they say: A year from now you WILL wish you started today!

Sidney C. from Cleveland, Ohio.

It’s hard to put to words just how much Crossfit has changed my life. I walked into Great Lakes Crossfit as a blank slate with no prior athletic experience, and even scoffed at the idea of physical fitness; why would I ever need to care that much about going to the gym? It goes without saying that the physical progression I’ve made by dedicating a few hours of my week to Crossfit workouts is phenomenal. But I keep coming back because of the sense of accomplishment I feel every day when I leave the gym, and the opportunities I have to support the people who show up everyday with me. I’ve learned that everyone starts their Crossfit journey for a different reason, whether that’s to get off the couch or to compete at the highest level. I’ve also learned that everyone ends up in the same place: as a member of a team and community that has an intense drive to better themselves, in and outside of the gym. There’s no question that joining Great Lakes was one of the most positive and life shaping decisions that I’ve ever made, and there’s no limit to where the progress can take me just by being a part of this community.

Kate F. from Cleveland, Ohio.

Do you ever remember a time when your own strength made you feel like you could fly? Great Lakes, the people, the coaching, the environment. All of it gives me that feeling every time I walk in the door. These folks are my family. This gym is my second home. We encourage each other to push farther, we celebrate our accomplishments, and we cheer each other on through the struggles. Walking in to this place for the first time, I had no idea where it would lead. But one class was all it took, and I never looked back. Great Lakes has changed my whole life, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Cheryl S. from Cleveland, Ohio.

CrossFit can be very intimidating to someone who has zero experience with it or any exercise for that matter, like myself when I stated. The coaches and the other members at Great Lakes CrossFit made me feel like I had been a member for years. What I absolutely love about CrossFit aside from its dynamics is that everything can be tailored to fit YOUR needs and YOUR fitness level. Coach Pat is constantly encouraging and motivating me to achieve things I never thought possible and to challenge myself. You receive one on one attention from the coaches and encouragement from everyone. I am so glad I chose Great Lakes CrossFit to be my gym home.

John K. from Cleveland, Ohio.

My time at Great Lakes Crossfit takes me back to my days of high school sports. Patrick and his team have created an atmosphere where community is most important and competition remains prevalent. No other workout experience has resonated and remained fulfilling like my one at GLCF. I can honestly say that, as a father of 2, I can thank GLCF for getting me back in shape to have the ability to chase my kids even after a long day. Finally the GLCF community has provided me the opportunity to become close friends with others that I would most like have never have had the opportunity to meet. I firmly believe that this experience, these people, and the lifestyle that comes along with it have made me a better person which is why 3 years later I still get excited for my next visit to the gym.

Robert P. from Cleveland, Ohio.

My life changed on August 24th 2013. That is the day I walked into Great Lakes CrossFit (GLCF) and met Patrick. I weighed 235+ lbs and no longer looked or felt like myself. Through Patrick’s guidance and the amazing and supportive people at GLCF I am a new person today. After the 6 week starter program, I changed my diet and made CrossFit part of my schedule. Patrick helped me modify and scale all the CrossFit movements appropriately, making sure safety and form first, yet pushing me to my limit. After 11 months, I weighted 156 lbs and dropped 6 clothing sizes! Today I CrossFit 5 days a week. I continue to get stronger and faster. All CrossFit boxes are NOT the same, I strongly recommend Patrick and Great Lakes CrossFit. GLCF changed my life.

Dave M. from Cleveland, Ohio.

Back in 2011, I had recently turned 41 years old and was out of shape. I was looking for a place to exercise. There are so many gyms, but a mega-gym did not appeal to me. A friend suggested that I check out Great Lakes CrossFit. He raved about it. I had never heard of CrossFit, but I decided to sign up for one of GLCF’s “Executive Starter Programs.” These programs are geared toward people who are not ready to jump right into a workout program. It was exactly what I needed. The starter program introduces you to various CrossFit movements, exercises, and concepts, while improving your overall strength and conditioning. By the end of the six-week program I was in much better shape and ready to join the regular CrossFit workouts.

The owner/trainer at GLCF, Patrick Flannery, makes it easy to get into a fitness routine. He designs all the programming; all you need to do is show up. Every day he posts a Workout of the Day (known as a “WOD”). This aspect really appeals to me because I don’t want to have to think about choosing a workout. And Patrick varies the WODs to help you achieve overall fitness. Upper body one day, lower body the next, heavy lifting, cardio, and more. CrossFit has it all.

But the best part of GLCF is the people. Patrick really fosters a family atmosphere at the box. You walk in and pass a sign that says “Check your ego at the door” and that is exactly right. Everyone supports everyone else. People cheer on others to help them finish the WODs. Such a great atmosphere makes going to the gym a great experience. I highly recommend Great Lakes CrossFit.