Why do you do what you do?

It is a very simple question. What are your motivations?  What gets you out of bed every day?  What keeps you going to work?  What brings you into the gym day after day?

Let’s start with work.  Some people work for a paycheck.  Others work to pass time.  The really lucky ones go to work because they love what they do.  Or maybe the last group isn’t lucky, but has a different motivation.  Most people spend more time at work then at home, minus sleep, unless you snooze at work.  It is important to have the motivation to keep going to the same place every day.  Some people work to support their families.  One of the most noble things a person can do is to work at a job, love it or hate it, in order to make sure that their families are comfortable.

What about the gym?  Are you there to get fit and healthy, look good in a bathing suit or just for something to do?  I can say that our goal is to get you fit and healthy so that when you pick up your kids or stand up out of a chair you don’t let out one of those “ughhhh” sighs.  We work for you so that when you get older you don’t need to get a free quote from the ‘Scooter Store’.  If you look better and your clothes fit better, bonus!  The reason motivation relates to the gym is we want to make sure everyone is there for the right reasons.  Weights in a wod don’t matter.  Times on the board don’t matter.  Fitness matters! 

So to my main point; what matters is at the end of the day being able to say “I did my best and I feel better for it.”  When a day comes where you may not be able to say that, think about what motivates you.  Keep your eye on that prize.  Remind yourself every day, evaluate and re-evaluate what is keeping you moving.  Write things down, use visual aids.  Above all, make sure you are doing things that are the right reason for you and you can’t go wrong.

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