At one time or another you have probably heard the saying that 90% of life is simply showing up.  I call shenanigans on that.  If you show up to work and don’t do your job, you will get fired.  If you sit with your kids, but you don’t interact or do anything meaningful, they probably won’t care too much for you.  If you show up at the gym when you feel like it and go through the motions without putting in any real effort, you won’t see any real change.

Yes, showing up is a big part of it, because unless you show up, you can’t do the work.  But in the CrossFit world, showing up is a much smaller part of the equation.  At Great Lakes we ask you to show up, start the workout, finish it, and do the best that you can.  So in that equation, showing up is only 25%.  If your time is slower than others or your weight is light, so the hell what.  No one is judging you.  No one is going to laugh at you, and if they do I will kick their butt.

Be consistent.  If you are only working out once or twice a week and you are not seeing the results you want, who’s fault is that?  If you are only showing up on days when there is something posted that you like to do, you will not get any better.  Our workouts are constantly varied.  That means that one day you will do something you love, while the next time in end up doing something that may not be to your liking.  But guess what?  You will get better.

I promise you that if you show up consistently and finish every workout to the best of your ability, you will see changes and you will see improvements.  If you feel that you are stalling out or not getting the results you want, talk to one of us.  We will give all we can to make you better.

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