Free Workout Saturday at 11:00 am, Yoga at 10:00 am

Want to see what Great Lakes CrossFit is all about?  Come check us out for free this Saturday at 11:00 am for a free basic introductory class.  The class is open to all ages and ability levels.  The class will last no longer than one hour and consists of a warm up, instruction on movement, workout and cool down.   The entire time you will be supervised by a CrossFit certified trainer that will watch to make sure you are doing the movement properly, staying safe, and pushing yourself as hard as you can.  There is no need to register ahead of time, simply show up and be ready for a workout.

Recently we have been running our weekly yoga classes on Monday nights at 7:00 pm.  Starting Saturday February 9, yoga will be offered Saturday mornings at 10:00 am.  This means the Monday class will no longer be an option.

These classes will run in four week sessions.  That menas this session will run from February 9 through March 2.  The class will be taught by member and Yoga Instructor Jessica Jerome.  You must register and pay ahead of time in order to participate in the classes.  The classes will still be at the gym, but in a seperate room so they will not interfere with regular CrossFit classes.  Cost for the four week session is $28 for members and $48 for non-members.

If you have any questions, please contact Patrick, Staci or Jessica.  If you are curious about the yoga class you can register to try your first class for free, however we still ask that you contact us ahead of time to set it up.

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