FREE Movement Screening for CrossFit Saturday April 6

             Movement Screening for Crossfit

Crossfit is a high level, high demand activity.  It requires elite levels of mobility and stability.  Limitations in mobility and stability can alter movement biomechanics, performance and contribute to injury.  Movement screening can be a great way to identify deficits that can lead to these unwanted consequences of sport and exercise.  Join us on April 6th to discuss the use and benefits of movement screening.

At Our FREE SEMINAR we will discuss

  • The reasons for movement screening
  • The physiologic demands of Crossfit based movement
  • Movement Screening by an SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) trained Physical Therapist
  • Movement corrections for common deficits found in Crossfit athletes
  • How a Physical Therapist utilizing manual therapy and trigger point dry needling can improve running, lifting and gymnastics biomechanics and decrease pain

 Join us April 6, 2013 from 12:00- 1:00pm at Great Lakes Crossfit

Great Lakes CrossFit
5075 Taylor Drive
Bedford Heights, OH 44128

Please Contact Nick at 440-498-9723 or by email at to reserve your spot today.  Seminar will be limited to 30 participants. You can also visit our facility website or fitness blog for additional information at

Seminar hosted by Nick Sanders PT. DPT.  Nick is a physical therapist at Rehabilitex Inc. in Solon, OH.  He specializes in manual therapy, sports and orthopedic conditions, and is trained in the Selective Functional Movement Assessment. He has experience in sports performance training and has coached high school and youth sports.  He incorporates his knowledge of     physical therapy in combination with sports performance in the development of safe and effective exercise prescription.

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