CrossFit Workout Saturday January 26, 2013


Today, if you are not doing the CrossFit Total, you will have the opportunity to make up a wod that you missed earlier in the week.  If you have not scheduled a time for the Total, it may be too late.

If you are doing the CrossFit Total, please arrive prior to your start time to warm up.  If you arrive late, you will have to wait until a slot opens up.  We are running on a schedule and need to adhere to it.

Remember, the CrossFit Total is 3 attempts at a 1 rep max back squat, shoulder press and deadlift, in that order.  You will do this just like we do for any other lift.  Do some warm up sets with higher reps, adding weight each time.  You will have 20 minutes for each lift.

Back Squat: full depth.  That means hips below parallel.  I know some of you have mobility issues that do not yet allow you to get to full depth.  However, if you can reach full depth in an air squat, there is no reason you can’t with weight.  That may mean your weight is not where you want it, but we want quality reps.

Shoulder Press: The bar starts on the shoulders.  Strict press to full lock out.  Strict means no dipping down or use of hips to get the bar moving.  Any extra movement will result in a ‘no rep’.   You will top out faster on this lift than the other two.

Deadlift: From the ground you will lift the bar to your waist.  Maintain proper form keeping your back straight and USING YOUR LEGS to lift the weight.  You will lift as much as your body will safely let you.  Meaning, when the form turns to poop, lift over.  You can use an overhand grip or alternate grip, your choice.  Do your best not to drop the weight when your rep is finished.

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