CrossFit Workout of the Day Tuesday December 29, 2015

  1. 5 rep max, overhead squat
    Compare 12/2/14, 3RM: 5/13/15
  2. For time:
    150 kbs (55/36)
    2015-12-29 18.51.57
    New Year’s Hours
    Thursday December 31 & Friday January 1: Closed
    Saturday January 2: Normal Hours


  1. jlo

    Hello. Can someone explain what i have to do in this workout? 5reps max squat and then what? What mean 12/2/14?

  2. Patrick

    This means that you have about 15 minutes to work to a heavy 5 rep set of overhead squats. The date is the last time we performed this movement and rep scheme. Work your way up in 5 to 7 good heavy sets. After that you will time how long it takes you to do 155 kettlebell swings for the conditioning porting of today’s word out o the day.

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