CrossFit Workout of the Day Saturday January 19, 2013

Partner wod:
150 wall ball
150 kbs
150 push ups w/ wall sit

Partner 1 will do wall balls while partner 2 rests, then you will pass the wall ball to your partner while 2 does the wall balls, 1 rests until you have completed a total of 150 wall balls.  Then you will do the same thing with the kbs.  The catch is each time the ball or kbs touches the ground, it is an immediate 3 burpee penalty for both.  The only time the ball or kb is allowed to touch the ground is when you are done with your 100.

For the push ups, one partner will be doing push ups while the other is holding a wall sit.  If either of you rest (stop push ups or come off the wall), you both rest.

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