Be More Like Homer Simpson

When I am not spending my time at the gym I like to relax by watching a lot of TV shows and movies, like a lot.  So most of my analogies and metaphors come from what I have watched.  The other day I was watching one of my favorites, “The Simpsons”, and it got me thinking that I wanted to be more like Homer.  I don’t mean that I want to do nothing but drink beer and eat donuts, although that would be nice. 

 Homer Buff

If you have ever watched the show on a regular basis you would notice that week after week Homer Simpson always has a new job, hobby or interest.  Some weeks he is an astronaut, a mountain climber, a minor league baseball mascot, you get the idea.  I started thinking to myself how great it would be if I could just go out and do something different week after week and not have any consequences.

While in actuality that is not feasible, the basic idea of Homer’s philosophy is very possible.  Homer doesn’t worry if he will be embarrassed or if his newest venture will not go the way he hoped it would.  He gets out there and just does it. Experience is the greatest teacher.  That is why I encourage you to try as many different activities as possible.

CrossFit is a program that is based on general physical preparedness so you can be ready for any given situation.  If you are currently in the gym, mix up your training with some other actvities.  If you are not in the gym, still get out and try something new.  You never know what you might find.  So be more like Homer, get out there and create new experiences and maybe mix in a few beers.

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