Our Facility

Crossfit With Us

Our facility is roughly 3,000 square feet of open space with plenty of room to workout. We believe you should check your ego at the door, so you won’t find any fancy machines or mirrors. We have everything necessary for varied and excellent crossfit workouts. You’ll be amazed at the intensity of the workout with just a few pieces of equipment.

Our Crossfit Box

It is a simple facility with all the equipment necessary to get you into whatever shape it is you are looking to achieve. Every day we provide clean, well maintained facilities. We have full locker room amenities including showers for those who like to come in before work or on their lunch break.

Come Visit Us

The best way to know if a Crossfit Box is right for you is to come and visit. Each box has a different personality and feel. At Great Lakes Crossfit we work hard to build community, develop our athletes and enjoy pursuing fitness goals together. If you would like to setup an appointment to visit, please do so on the form below or JOIN US on any Saturday at 11A for our FREE INTRO CLASS.

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