2014 CrossFit Games Open

We are getting ready to begin our yearly adventure to see whom is the “Fittest on Earth”.  For five weeks a new workout will be announced every Thursday at 8:00 pm.  Athletes worldwide will be competing to see where they rank.  We at Great Lakes will also be participating in this event.

After the workout is announced each Thursday, it will be our regular workout for both Friday and Saturday sessions.  Those not competing will also be able to complete the workouts and scale whatever movements or weights necessary.  If you make it in Friday and don’t want to do the workout again on Saturday, you will have alternatives.

Something we are adding this year for our competing athletes is the opportunity to workout on a Friday night.  Each Friday during the open we will open up at 5:00 pm to have workouts scored.  If you are not competing you are welcome to come in and watch the event and cheer on our athletes.

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