100 Days of Suck Starts Saturday

You’ve heard of the 100 day burpee challenge where you do one burpee on day one, two burpees on day two, three burpees on day three, continuing to increase by one rep each day for 100 days.  Well, 100 Days of Suck is similar but rotating between pullups on day one, overhead squats on day two, burpees on day three and double unders on day four, back to five pullups on day five and so on for 100 days.  Get it?
Starting tomorrow you will be able to start this new challenge.  If there is a particular movement that you would like to get better at, you can switch it out for one in the challenge. For example, if you are satisifed with your pull ups, but stink at knees to elbows, make the switch.  We are going on the honor system here, so please be honest.
If there is a day you can’t be at the gym and you need equipment, it’s ok. You can switch days to complete a movement at home and make up the reps when you are at the gym.  This is a joint challenge with CrossFit Cleveland.  You can join the facebook group here.
If you are able to complete this challenge you will earn yourself a free t-shirt.  You can go here to sign up.

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